Does the Q-Bank database work on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices?

Yes, you can access the website on your device, and it is fully functional on all devices.  In fact, you will have more features than an app would offer you.

What is a Q-Bank?
A Q-Bank is a collection of practice test questions similar in format and content to what you would see or experience on a board exam or test for licensure.  Our advanced system allows you to customize each session in a format that helps you learn most effectively.
Can I set up a test in the Q-Bank?
Yes, our system offers the choice between test and tutorial mode for Q-Bank sessions.  Each question is delivered one at a time to mimic a real exam.  You can choose the amount of questions per test and set a timer if needed.
What is the difference between test and tutorial mode?

Our system delivers questions one at a time in test mode.  Once you have answered a question, the system provides the next question.  Upon answering all of the questions in your Q-Bank test session, you will receive a grade for each session.  You can subsequently review each of the questions and see which answer is correct along with an explanation for each answer.  Tutorial mode provides one question at a time. The system reveals the correct answer and the rationales immediately after you answer each question.

Can I review previously answered Q-Bank questions?
Yes, active subscribers can review previously answered questions at any time.  The "Previous Sessions" tab allows you to review a specific session.
Can I set a timer for time management during a test session?
Yes, the main Q-Bank dashboard page will allow you the option to set a time limit which will display in the upper right corner of the dashboard.  If time runs out, our system will still allow you to finish the test.
What is "My Personal Planner" and how does it help?

The "My Personal Planner" feature is included with each Q-Bank subscription and allows you to set up a plan to complete all of the questions available for that particular Q-Bank database.  Once you enter the desired completion date (usually before your actual exam), the system will tell you how many questions you need to do every day, week, and month to complete the available questions.  It will also tell you how much time at a minimum it will take to complete the remaining unused questions you have.

Once I do the initial setup of "My Personal Planner", can I make changes to it?
Yes, you may change the parameters at any time and the system will automatically recalculate the various metrics about how many questions you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly.
Can I select questions that are specific to a particular topic?
Yes, you can customize the type of questions given for each session by selecting a specific category or categories when setting up the test session.
Can I flag questions that I want to review later?

Yes, any question can be flagged by clicking on the check box or the flag itself located in the grey image on your Q-Bank dashboard.  Once you have "flagged" an item, you will see a check mark appear. Your performance statistics on the main dashboard in the "My Performance" area will also show you how many questions you have flagged at any given time.

Once I have used a question, can I use it again in another session?
Yes, you may reuse any previously used questions.  If you want to only see unused questions, you can select "Unused" when setting up your Q-Bank session.
Does this Q-Bank service help me to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses?
Yes, the system analyzes your specific performance and will list the top 5 areas of strengths and weaknesses.  This can be found by clicking on the "My Performance" tab.
Can I strike through answer choices to help me narrow down the right answer?

Yes, just click anywhere on the text for the answer choice you want to visibly strike through.  To erase the strike-through, simply click on the text again.

Are there explanations or rationales provided for the questions?
Yes, there will be a short explanation supporting the reasons for the correct answer and often why the other answer choices were not considered correct.  This supplemental information is meant to help you understand the thought process for discerning the correct answers.
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