What is the format of the Online Naplex Lectures?

The topics are professionally recorded in HD where you can see the slides of the lectures as well as the faculty lecturing on the content, just as if you were in a course with the faculty. You will receive your paper copy of all of the slides so that you can take notes during the lectures.  You get the ability to watch each lecture for two 24 hour periods of time.  During each 24-hour period of time you may pause the video, stop and rewind the lecture, and watch the lecture as many times as you want.  After your 24 hour periods for each lecture have been redeemed, you will always have the ability to renew access to that specific lecture for a discounted price.  This is similar concept to an online movie rental. Many students enjoy the benefit of going through the course at their own pace, while also having the experience of watching high quality lectures as if the faculty were speaking directly to them. 



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