What does the Course eBook contain?

The course eBook contains content from the slides presented in the Online Lectures. Course eBooks offer the following convenient and user-friendly features:

  • Full color images and the ability to change font size - The eBook contains charts and images that are in color and full size and the text can be adjusted to your preference.
  • Live updates pushed to your device - All of the High-Yield material is on a review schedule to ensure our content is up to date with the BPS schedule and content. As changes are made to lectures, we are able to push live updates to your eBook. Your content is always up to date.
  • Have your notes with you wherever you go - Your eBook allows you to highlight, bookmark and make notations electronically. These notations sync across devices so you can access your personal notes on your home computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The "Getting Started Guide" on page one of your eBook can show you how to use these features.



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