Once I purchase my Q-Bank subscription do I have control over when I start or activate it?

Yes.  Once you have paid for the Q-Bank subscription (regardless of the duration) the time on your account will only start once you tell Q-Bank to start or begin your access.  You can log into your account at any time and will notice that your account dashboard will provide a button or call out to alert you to activate your Q-Bank subscription.  Once you click on that button and confirm your desire to begin using your Q-Bank subscription, your time to access Q-Bank will begin.  For example, if you purchase a 6 month subscription on January 18th your Q-Bank subscription will be in a "pending" state within your account".  Lets say that on February 15th you desire to begin using your paid 6 months of access to Q-Bank.  Simply log into your account and on your account dashboard click on the button or callout that says, "activate your Q-Bank.  It will then confirm that you are ready to start your 6 months of access.  If you continue, your 6 months will then begin and your account will expire 6 months from February 15th (not January 18th which is the date of actual purchase).

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