Do I receive a paper copy of the lecture notes for an online lecture?

No, our lecture notes are delivered through eBooks included in Premium packages.  Choose the Premium Package or a package that states it contains the eBook.   The eBooks are searchable, can be electronically marked by highlight and notation, and images are in color and can be enlarged.  We know you'll love it!

We understand that some people prefer a paper copy. We are no long creating paper editions of our notebooks. However, if there was a printed notebook for the previous edition of your course notebook, we can have a copy printed for you for the additional cost of $100 per notebook. This notebook will align with the vast majority of the lectures. However, where the notebook differs significantly from those lectures that have been updated to reflect new guidelines, you will need to reference your eBook. 

If you are interested in ordering a printed previous edition notebook, email us at



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