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New information emerges at various times throughout the year.  We update our materials at a minimum on a 12-month rotating basis. Depending on the nature of the updates, we update lectures or questions on an on-going basis. As it relates to the Q-Bank, we add new questions every month and review existing questions. We make every effort to ensure that it reflects questions that will most likely appear on an upcoming exam.

We developed this updating strategy based on experience that board exams many times differ from the most current up-to-date literature and even some guidelines. There is a definite time limitation placed on board review committees that write exams. These committees update questions, internally review them, obtain external peer-reviews, and then add them to a real exam for validation. This process can take from 1-2 years before a question on new content shows up on an exam and becomes part of the scoring process.

We desire to provide the highest quality products and customer service to our customers. We are always trying to balance the best approach to handling changing standards and making them as relevant as possible to our customers.  Click here to navigate to our editorial team page.


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