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Each of our packages has different components. You can use the navigation tool to the left of this article to navigate to the specific components in your package to learn more about each one.

Q-Banks & Lectures

If your package has Q-Bank or Lectures, you can log in immediately and get started! These components are available to you now on your dashboard.

Did you purchase a package with an eBook? Your eBook account will be active within an hour of your purchase.  You can access your eBook through the web page or download the HYMR eReader app for iOS or Android.  Course eBooks are lecture notes and should be used alongside your lecture content.
Integrated Review Webinars
Joining High-Yield for a Live BPS Integrated Review or an On-Demand Integrated Case-Based Review? The registration and/or access links for these events are located on your dashboard if you are a Premium customer.

We know you are going to love these products. Our team is here to help. If you can’t find answers to your questions in these articles, please reach out to us through email. We strive to help you achieve excellence in clinical practice and improve patient outcomes. Thank you for choosing High-Yield and allowing us to be a part of your success!

Topics Covered in the Video:
0:15 How to Customize a Quiz
1:05 Example of Tutorial Mode
1:17 How to View Answer Explanations
1:44 How to Flag a Question
2:05 How to use My Performance Tool
2:28 How to use My Personal Planner Tool
Please take a few more minutes to watch these short 1-2 minute videos that provide an overview of the various components (i.e. Q-Banks, Lectures, eBooks, and Review Webinars) associated with many of our packages.  


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