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We offer a one-time discounted extension per active subscription for all active components.  Please contact customer service to request a discounted extension or to upgrade your current subscription.

If your course has expired or you have already received an extension on your course, please contact customer service for a discount to repurchase.

Please note!

Extending your course may affect your eligibility for the Pass Guarantee. Customers who meet all other requirements are eligible for the Pass Guarantee only if they take their exam within 13 months of beginning their review course. Please click here to read the terms in their entirety.


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  • Hey 

    My name is Amit and I want to sign up for the high yield med reviews for BCPS. 

    As a first time user i wanted to know what discount will i get and for how long the course material be active (is it for one full year access from the day you enroll)? 

    Also i wanted to know are the new sessions interactive as Dr Busti pointed out in the tutorials? 

    Also will i have ability to access course material (numerous times) and see my progress as i learn over the course or the access is only for a given duration and for a certain number of times. 

    Also i wanted to know how many Q bank questions do you offer for the entire premium package for the BCPS pharmacotherapy?


    Please answer all these questions so i can make a determination on this. 



    Amit Saxena


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