How to Study to Pass

We know there are many learning styles.  High-Yield courses are designed to be flexible and allow you to decide how you learn best by combining the lectures, lecture notes in the eBook, Q-Bank questions, and Integrated Reviews.  The two approaches below are great ways to get started and succeed.  

Systematic Approach
The systematic approach to studying involves focusing on a single category at a time.  Focusing on a single category allows you to watch the lectures in a specific category and answer Q-bank questions afterward to reinforce what you have learned and fill in any gaps.  In this approach, you would set up Q-bank tests to pull questions from the current category on which you are focused.  You can flag difficult questions and come back to these for future review.
Identifying Weaknesses
The identifying weaknesses approach requires that you start by answering a significant amount of Q-bank questions at the outset of your preparation.  This way, you can use your My Performance tool within your q-bank to determine which topic areas you need to spend the most time watching lectures and practicing q-bank questions.  This tool provides you with your top 5 areas of strengths and weaknesses among the various categories.

Please take two minutes to watch this tutorial to learn more about the two recommended approaches to studying.

Topics Covered in the Video:
0:18 Approach #1: The Sysematic Approach
1:09 How to flag questions
1:32 Reviewing your flagged questions
1:46 Approach #2: Identifying Weaknesses
2:07 How to use the My Performance Tool
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