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Q-Bank: A collection of practice test questions similar in format and content to what you would see or experience on a board exam or test for licensure.  Our advanced system allows you to customize each session for use of the Q-Bank questions in a format that facilitates effective and efficient learning.


Tutorial Mode

Questions are provided one at a time in tutorial mode.  After answering each question in tutorial mode, you will see whether your answer was correct and receive the rationale for the answer before proceeding to the next question.

Test Mode
Customers set the number of questions they wish to include in a Q-bank session in test mode before each session (as well as the type of question and categories). The system then delivers each question one at a time and provides the number of questions that were chosen by the customer for that session (i.e. 5, 10, 15+ questions).  Upon answering all of the questions for each particular session, you will receive a grade for that session.   At this time, you are provided with a detailed explanation for each answer, a rationale for each of the answer choices, and in many cases additional core concepts and fast facts.
Customized Review

We designed the review course and each component to allow customization of the learning experience based on individual needs.  Most prefer to watch some of the lectures and then work on the Q-bank questions, coming back to watch the lectures again before the exam. This method may vary for each person.  Some will watch all of the lectures in a particular category (such as Cardiology) and then complete all of the practice test questions associated with the Cardiology section within their Q-Bank account.


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